The Impaler Speaks about Bikini!

“Not In The Face just may have the best name in rock ‘n’ roll today, and that’s only scratching the surface of what this 2-piece noise machine from Austin, Texas, has to offer…”

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NITF rocks The Good Music Club!

CultureMap”Not In The Face, the questionably-named but powerhouse two-piece, stormed the stage with big, meaty riffs and a bluesy swagger that might invite comparisons to, say, The Black Keys, but which was infused with such a joy in being alive that it felt positively Springsteen-ian…”

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NITF on Austin Chronicle’s List of most memorable shows at Emo’s!

chronicle”…Jonathan Terrell and Wes Cargal opening a weeknight bill inside Emo’s. Unassuming in every way, the drummer and guitarist proceeded to build from a rootsy garage groove that turned into an all-out assault and an epic, Zeppelin-esque climax that made Not in the Face the must-see act of the week…”

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“Downtown Girl” makes top 10 in Ovrld’s Top 50 Austin Songs of 2011

“Jonathan Terrell and Wes Cargal combine to make a noise bigger and brasher than the Black Keys or the White Stripes – though similarly blues-influenced. Neither of those groups have vocalists like Terrell, who sounds like a man at the end of his rope…”

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KUT’s Laurie Gallardo says “Bikini” is her number 1 for 2011!

Never ceases to amaze me when all it takes is two great musicians to make such a big sound. High-octane, high-energy rock and pop from this dynamic duo. Excellent. Well done, lads.

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AME Reviews Bikini! 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

I think it’s appropriate that on the cover of Bikini, the debut album from Austin’s charmingly reckless garage-punk duo Not In The Face, the band’s name is so much more noticeable than the album title. Honestly, it might confuse a few people not familiar with the hellion racket singer/songwriter/guitarist Jonathan Terrell and power punching drummer Wes Cargal kick up….

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Austin Monthly Magazine gives Bikini 4 out of 5 Stars

By Paul Carrubba

Amusingly named band Not In The Face is made up of country guitarist-vocalist Jonathan Terrell and drummer Wes Cargal.  Together as a duo they create fine rock n’ roll, combining Springsteen earnestness and college-radio cool with a wry wink and a grin.  Standout tracks include “Downtown Girl,” with it’s driving beat and dramatic melody, and a song that really made me smile, “Yuppy Monday.”  References to Big D are made, but the song could just as easily be about ATX.  “Saturday out at the lake, OH NO! you left your deck shoes back at the condo,” sings Terrell.  Righteous.

Houston Press hails the arrival of NITF

“Austin two-piece Not in the Face comes into town this evening with a whole mess of punk-country-blues and a new album, Bikini, in tow. At times, drummer Wes Cargal and guitarist-singer Jonathan Terrell remind us of the Replacements, or at least Paul Westerberg’s post-Mats forays.”

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Austin Independent Music speaks about NITF

“Here in the Live Music Capital of the World, we’ve got a disproportionate ratio of two-man acts burning up stages…”

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Austin Chronicle Reviews Bikini…AGAIN

Bikini (Electric Factory)  austin chronicle

“Local roots songwriter Jonathan Terrell amplifies his Mr. Hyde with Not in the Face, a raunchy twopiece detonating a minor blues explosion with snarling odes to one-night stands and “Yuppie Monday.” His bleary-eyed hiccup peaks early on garage-bop opener “Way To Go Baby,” leading to a Kings of Leon-paved AAA money shot, “Downtown Girl,” but works just as well in the smokehouse boogie of “Brass Tacks” and the closing fire escape of “Good Night So Long.”

Austin Powell

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Windy City Rock Show Review

“The last band to make me look like a jackass on this night was Austin’s Not in the Face. It seems that all the kids who listened to the White Stripes growing up are starting up bands of their own and if this duo is any indication, that’s a very good thing. Their debut album, Bikini, didn’t make much of an impression on me outside of one or two simple, catchy jams, but their live show left me with my jaw hanging. If you don’t believe me, just ask my beer, which sat growing warm as I was too distracted by the looped explosions onstage to take a sip. While the Jack White comparison was the first that popped into mind as they started their set, it became clear midway through that singer/guitarist Jonathan Terrell and his drum thumper Wes Cargal were channeling a more Motörhead-meets-The Stripes kind of thing. After quickly tearing through a couple of straight-forward rockers, Not in the Face pulled out “Brass Tacks,” an angst-crunchy Southern jam complete with the kind of slide guitar work that makes me weak in the knees. I can say with almost full confidence that Terrell looks exactly like you think he does- tall, thin, black shirt, black jeans, mutton-chops and a black cowboy hat. You know, kind of like he was kicked out of the pages of Preacher for being too much of a badass. I suppose that’s fine with me, because if you’re going to hear that God’s abandoned his post it may as well be from someone who’s cranking out some gutty rock and testing your headbanging skills. Ok, maybe there were two rock clichés on this night; Just when Not in the Face’s set had gotten to a point where I didn’t think they could top themselves, the closed with a throbbing, wild cover of T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy.” No doubt the song Terrell and Cargal wish they had written, I dare say I can’t imagine T. Rex doing it any better themselves. Rarely would I say that Memories is the perfect place to see anything, but this is an exception.

It was hot, it was loud and it was fucking amazing.”

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Republic of Austin Reviews Bikini

“With triple digit temps, daytime life has dropped to a speed slightly slower than after-work traffic on I-35. The only way to escape is by drinking enough light beer that you rip off your clothes, then skinny dip at Red Bud, jump off the Lamar Street bridge, or maybe bike off a ramp into Town Lake. Add sweat, skin and drunk sex, and you’ve got “Bikini,” the new album from Austin rock-and-roll band Not In The Face.

Album review:

From the playful fun of skinny dipping to the salty, stanky sweat of 3 AM, Not In The Face’s “Bikini” manages to capture all the pent-up sexuality and dizzying excitement of summer. But this isn’t just a party album; scratch the surface a little deeper and you’ll find the roller coaster manic of summer love. Starting with the flirty first sight to heart-wrenching break up, it’s all there.

Guiding you on the forlorn journey is singer/guitar player Jonathan Terrell. Grimy, gritty and raw, his voice has the strength of Bruce Springsteen with the swagger of Johnny Cash channeling the electricity of Iggy Pop.”

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A kind review from Austin’s own KUT 90.5!

“Tongue-in-cheek band name aside, Not in the Face makes a serious racket. The Austin duo cranks out catchy, energetic and dynamic Southern-tinged rock that will have you pumping your fist in the air one minute and crying into your beer the next.

Singer/guitarist/songwriter Jonathan Terrell sings of the nightlife’s romantic frustrations with guttural sincerity–like a punk rock Springsteen from the Deep South. Drummer Wes Cargal lays down a thundering rhythm that drives the band’s sound beyond the expected White Stripes/Black Keys comparisons. NITF aims to rock your body with their blistering blues-pop.

“Downtown Girl” is the standout track from the band’s upcoming full-length album, Bikini, set for release this summer. The titular love interest “may never go anywhere,” but the band’s hooks will keep you humming.”

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Austin Chronicle Reviews NITF album Bikini

“Singer-songwriter Jonathan Terrell and drummer Wes Cargal team up for Not in the Face, a project that picks up where the first Black Keys disc left off. Bikini is lo-fi and boisterous, with a Texas redneck attitude that makes it oddly attractive. Songs like “Downtown Girl” and “Yuppy Monday” reveal a mean streak and melodic sense that would make Paul Westerberg proud.”

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Word From Austin Sound

“You might be inclined to write off a band like Not in the Face! simply on the basis of their name, but that would be a mistake. The duo of Jonathan Terrell and Wes Cargal cast raw rock nuggets that can claw and scratch with a garagey abrasiveness, kick dirty roots, and even unload an outright fury of heavy Zeppelin-esque prog that would seem impossible from a two-piece. With Cargal abusing on the drums and Terrell flailing out front with proto-punk intensity, Not in the Face! delivers it direct and untempered.”

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